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Springs for AMT backup .380

Ok, first thing, I know that this gun is a POS. NO, I won't entertain suggestions like throwing it away or melting it down or making a belt buckle out of it. Now, for my questions. I bought this gun when they were new. when i bought it I immediately ordered a complete set of springs for spares. I quickly broke the grip safety spring. It showed signs of abrasion so i buffed the offending area. I replaced it from my stock of parts and ordered another one. Now it has broken again, with no wear apparent. I replaced it from my stock of parts, but now amt is long out of business. I found one online for $25. That is more than i paid for all the springs together! That will NEVER happen. I am on my third spring, counting the original one. Obviously the spring design is faulty. It is a wire torsion spring, with a bend of about 160 degree bend. It needs to loop around 420 degrees to provide some spring instead of a corner bend. Where can i get a custom spring made? Can i buy stock spring wire to bend one up myself? would it need to be heat treated after bending? Has anyone here successfully negotiated a spring crisis? The gun is functional now but i don't want to use it anymore for fear of breaking it again. I will NEVER pay $25 for the part unless i can get a GOOD one that wont break again. Ideas?

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