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hey guyz I went w/the henry bigboy .44 // he had to order it but gundealer down the road said 5days and even if I never returned his phonecall someone else would buy it(usually you pay when you order it). I ordered some hornady .44 magnum 300 gr ammo online( hollow points/extreme penetration. I spoke w/that guy I think @ the NJ phone# on the site but might have been someone else denis(I think it was him). it can handle all of the pressures but he let me know that anything over 305gr is usually a more lengthy round. he agreed with you about the steel thing and said his is just as good but with rounds like .44 overtime if there is lots and lots of use it would get hot&what you said can happen. he said besides that though this rifle could definately last a lieftime if you dont push it to its limit. he said the 240gr works real well. before I called I googled the henry using buffalo bore and this issue came up in 08(I didnt copy paste the forum talk from google because I wasnt sure if I could). he tested all the rounds and it more than passed every test past by what was needed by standards easily. I think up to 360gr. being in VA and not in the flatlands or plains I hope the bigboy is ok when we go hunting but I feel pretty good about it. maybe someday I can get the .45 and engrave it
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