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thanx guys. yeah I think for the most part unless we travelled I wouldn't have to worry about anything more than 200yds. does look like price went up- I think I'm looking at about low 800's either way. those brownings look nice but obviously I am lacking in my rifle knowledge experience level. I definately like steel, but I do like the bigboys(originally I did lots of reading about exactly what makes them up and they seem really nice). I am going to email him denis in a minute. I think that mine will be used so much where that would be an issue not haveing the steel. then if I become more and more I would probably want a 2nd one anyways. The weight brings up the same issue sort of but I think I can live with that. I know the rifle and hunting willnot require the leveraction as much since I can take my time aiming and shooting, but I like the feature and will like to practice shooting 10rounds in a row in quick rapidity+I guess it could be used in HD if it came to it. I will probably leave unloaded like the shotgun(and unlike the revolvers though); is it ok to leave the rifle (bigboy .44 as an example) sitting around longer periods of time loaded?? maybe trying to do too much at once isn't necessary, so maybe the bigboy will work. down the road if I do indeed become a regular user of rifles I will want another one too. If not I can just take care of the bigboy for life.please let me know if its ok to leave the rifle loaded to full capacity and/or one round short of it if you know. my wife isn't a big fan of buying firearms all the time but I had an excuse to avoid a debate. lol. I need to a rifle to hunt with my buddies!!
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