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SNAFU to Top Glunk

All of their websites appear only to be mail boxes. My experience was that I ordered gun parts; claimed to be in-stock and it turned-out TG is nothing more than a clearing house where they charge you for the product and they send the product at their leisure. I am reading between the lines here but, it appears they have no warehouse. They simply take your order and then purchase the actual product from their wholesaler(s) and then ship it to you when the receive same.
In the meantime, the beauty for them is they are using someone else's money. All their sites mimic each other and you can always read the fine print and it will same something akin to TopGlock, et al; not related to blah, blah. Due to much litigation against Internet slander and liable in the present; I am relating my own personal experience and it is merely my opinion that I am providing.
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