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guyz if I get the bigboy .44 henry can it handle the buffalo bore +p .44 like mort mentioned? widely available would be the way to go here so I appreciate the .45 and .44 insights. also, my best buddy from highschools bro has been hunting since he was 5. he loves his 308 so I figured I'd throw that in the mix. adding to that mybuddy(his brother) was saying something about 300yds if you want to hunt(he doesnt know as much though but he called his brother). this rifle will be used for hunting and 308 was all info I got about his personal choice. I like using the best, strongest ammo always, but maybe I need to change this approach(just always been that way no matter what firearm//example: .44 instead of 44specials in revolver, 357 instead of 38, etc, etc
I think a lever action is a definate when I go this weekend
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