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No personal attack at all, just trying to clarify that single line to avoid confusion with people who may not be familiar with the ammo situation.
Somebody looking to make a decision on which caliber levergun to buy between those two calibers needs to know the .45 Colt CAN equal the .44 Mag, but doesn't in normal factory loads.
If Real intends to reload, he can run his own race & see the results first-hand.
(Some of the CorBon .45 "Mag" stuff is plenty potent in my Ruger, but it'll never get close to my Colt.)

I've fired the Henries in several calibers, but I'm not quite sure the design & frame can handle a steady bunch of either hot .45 Colt or standard .44 Mag loads as long as a Marlin can over the long run.
Not knocking the Henries, just commenting.

Standard velocity .45 Colts would be much easier on the Henry.
I have Marlins in .357, .44 Mag, .45 Colt, .30-30, and .45-70. I don't worry about either strength or longevity on any of them.

If you do go Marlin, check out a potential purchase carefully in person. Fit & finish have declined a bit & there'll be a transition period between the current factory and the new one.
An older used model in good shape might work out better there.

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