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Actually, there are hammer on weights that are made primarily (I am told) from zinc. They are not easy to pick out if you just try to feel the weight in your hand, but of course they remain solid at the melting temperture of lead.

The reason I asked the question is that (also I had been told), while wheel weights were once an alloy of about ten percent antimony or bismuth, about ten years ago, the cost of the alternate metals prompted the manufacturers to reduce the content in the alloy, leaving lead at about 98 percent of the content.

All of the roundballs I shoot pass the fingernail test. But this is IMO vague at best.

On the other hand, since the specific gravity of antimony, bismuth and tin are somewhat close to lead, some small amounts of these impurities (I guess we as shooters can call them impurities) doesn't make much difference in ballistics. I am well aware that hardness may be a more important consideration.

I would like to think I am shooting pure lead, but all I can say for sure is that it is "pretty pure".

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