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The .45 Colt and .44 mag have similar ballistics except the .45 Colt is a larger caliber and operates at lower pressure. So you can get the same performance at lower pressure with a larger (11.5 mm) bullet. No caliber has more history than the .45 Colt. You can shoot low power "cowboy loads" and high power "Buffalo Bore" loads which are similar to .44 mag. If you reload a 250 grain hard cast round nose flat point with around 9 grains of Unique would be a great general purpose round. There is a reason that manufacturers have been developing new .452 calibers and not .429 so now we have .454 Casull and .460 S&W which are both .452" - The .45 Colt just makes sense and has been around for 138 years and still going strong.
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