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appleseed gun?

Marlin 795
I just found out that the Marlin 795, is a preferred gun by some Appleseed instructors over the Ruger 10-22. Either gun is great, lots more options and accessories for the Ruger.
My son, Isaac, said that the Ruger is the "AR" of 22s -lots of options, more expensive, and the Marlin is the "SKS", cheaper with maybe, fewer options.
The difference? Ruger is 220 to 250, and it needs some work to make it really usable for Appleseed. The Marlin is 149 bucks at Bass Pro, we hear, sometimes on sale for $99.
I do not know yet about modifications, needed.
My oldest son custom designed a Sling which works both ways; hasty or loop with a buckle QD to take the loop sling off the arm quickly between shooting times.
Ian qualified twice Saturday, shooting a 225, and a 221, out of 250 possible, and so began as an instructor on Sunday; very cool.

For BOTH guns you can get military style peep sights for front and back, with adjustable windage and elevation. These increase accuracy immensely, giving almost 30 to 40% longer sight radius, and improving the target sight picture as well. Tech Sights

"With the Tech-Sights Marlin Model 60 aperture sights I feel like I am shooting a whole new rifle. With these sights I can see and hit small targets at the distances I knew my Marlin was capable of reaching. Shooting offhand at 25 yards I have progressed from 6-8” groups to 1” groups. The difference is like putting on your first pair of glasses and realizing once again that trees have individual leaves.
M.B. Nashville, TN"

"About a year or so ago I purchased my first set of Tech-Sights for my Ruger 10/22. The installation is a breeze and the quality of the hardware is first class. I get together with my shooting buddies on the weekends and we compete against each other for bragging rights. When I showed up with my 10/22 without the scope they thought there was no way I was going to be able to compete with them at a 100 yard setup. Needless to say I proved them wrong! All 4 of them had scopes on their rifles and shot for shot not one of them could match the accuracy with my Tech-Sight setup. No more trash talking about me and my open sights!"

One very Happy Customer,
Jay in Fuquay-Varina, NC

"I didn't have much time because the deer was running, but I was able to shoot quickly because the sight makes it easy to find your target. I think peep sights are way better than scopes, especially when the target is moving."
Erik N., New Richmond, Wisconsin

Just so you know, Tech Sights makes them for the following guns, which tells you these guns are good models for this kind of shooting. I will list them in order of overall preference for Appleseed;

Ruger 10/22 Sights

Marlin 795 Sights

Mossberg 702 Sights

CZ 452 Sights (BOLT action)

.30 caliber;

SKS Sights

AK Sights

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