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Thanks y'all. The holster is a DeSantis and I got it at a local shop. It fits my Montado and Marshall like a glove (their exterior dimensions must be nearly identical) but the Montado barrel juts out just a bit because it's a 3.75" tube whereas the Marshall is a 3.5".

I paid $330 on clearance at Sportsman's Warehouse for my Marshall but they usually run more like $400. My Montado New Vaq (polished stainless) was close to $600 at the time but they've come down I think.

In terms of fit and finish the New Vaq is simply lovely. I think the process that they use to polish up the stainless makes the revolver slicker in general and as a result it feels like a Python to me compared to the rest of my single actions (all inexpensive Rugers and Italians - let me make that disclaimer) so I'll give it the nod for sure. But the Beretta certainly seems solid without question and I'm sure it will give years of service just fine.

I love the polish on the New Vaqs:

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