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O.K. . . now that I made fun of your pistol Oly . . . . well, not really as it is REALLY nice . . . . I've got some questions. Hope you can help out on them. As I said in my previous post, the New Vaquero is my first venture into "cartridge" handguns. I got mine in 357 as I really like the 38 special cartridge and can shoot them in it. I'm not shooting competition - just target and plinking. I love it but I have to admit, after looking at the photo of your Beretta, I could really go for one of those with that style of grip frame - I looked at a number on GunBroker to just get familiar with the offerings, styles, etc. I am assuming that the type of grip frame that you have is the "Marshall"?

Now . . . not to put you on the spot, but I'm really curious. As I said, I love my New Vanquero - rugged, well balanced, great quality, etc. My question is this. If you lay your Bertetta next to your Vaquero, compare them, shoot them, handle them, look at quality, finish, fit, etc. - would you choose one over the other? I would have to guess that mechanically they are very similar - bar safety, etc. so does one have something "special" over the other?

when I was looking at getting my Vaquero, I saw prices that varied for the same model. I ended up getting it at a nearby gunshop - they had to order it and had quoted me a price of $530. Trust me, it was a careful decision as that is the most that I have ever spent on a handgun . . . but . . . do to having to get a purchase permit here in Michigan, locating a shop that had one or would order one in instead of having to pay a FFL fee to someone for having it shipped to them if I bought it on a auction site, etc. - I decided to buy it locally. The next time I went in to the shop after getting it, they had ordered another one and it was priced at $565 in their showcase. Could you give a comparision on the cost between the Vaquero and the Beretta? What would be a good price to pay for a new Beretta Marshall? Any comments, input, opinions would be greatly appreciated from you and those that have them. Many thanks - I really appreciate it!

See what you started by posting that photo of you hunk of iron? By the way . . . your Beretta Marshall looks like it would "melt into your hand"!
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