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This is part of why I'd like to get my hands on the ad that was posted on the back cover of the magazine, they had all of the rundown on what the initials were on the presentation, my memory is faulty. When I had the pistol in my hands we were clueless as to who gave it to who. Please don't beat me up on the recall of what the initials were. It may have been one of the top three to Hitler or Hitler to one of the next two under him. One of the sets of initials was a historically important top echelon Nazi.

I was 19 when I had the gun in my possession, and somewhere around 27 when the ad ran. That actually puts the magazine sale ad at about 78 to 82 or 83.

I just thought perhaps someone would have an idea of how to figure out how to track that ad which would then do a pretty good job of verifying the pistol and it's description. I have hated through the years trying to describe it and not being sure of things like the exact initials as it's such an important part of the gun.

Somewhere someone is going to remember that picture or have seen the gun itself featured somewhere.

On the site there are some avid collectors that have some stunningly beautiful Krieger (I think) models. I thought perhaps someone over there had seen it. The consensus there with some was that the provenance could easily be jeopardized by my allegations that it was brought home by a soldier if it were sold under different premises by Christie's. It had occurred to me that Germany would potentially make a claim on something like that. It obviously was stolen at some point during an occupation and anything of such historical value could and would be questionable.

Someday I'll track down either the ad or another reference to this particular gun.

Oh, I just thought of something, it may have been a presentation from Luger the manufacturer to one of Hitler's 2nd or 3rd in command. It seemed to me it was a Luger commissioned gift though. It may have been person to person done by Luger as well.

I'm going to try to work it from a gun magazine archives angle again. I thought about looking for gun mag collections on ebay and asking the person running the ad to look at the backs for me.
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