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Oly - that's one "butt ugly" hunk of iron you've got there . . . . I would think that you'd be embarassed to carry it? Why don't you just box 'er up and mail it to me and I'll dispose of it fer ya? Oh . . . and don't forget to send the holster rig as well . . . you won't be a needin' it since you're sending me the hunk of iron.

In reality . . . I have got to tell you . . . that is one sweet looking pistol and holster rig! Very VERY nice!!!! I just may have to put one of those on my "wish list"! I just bought a New Vaquero a little while ago and I love it. It is one sweet shooting pistol - I got the blued 5 1/2" barrel - my first venture in to the new fangled cartridge guns. Now I'm hooked! Thanks for sharing the photo! Please excuse me know while I go drool over the photo a few more minutes . . . . .
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