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Sebou, at this moment (because laws can change like the wind in a spring morning) every arms licence in italy, self defence, sport, hunt, allow you to buy 3 "common arms" 6 "sports arms" 8 "antique, illimitated hunting arms"
There is a mixed techincal-political commission that examine every new firearms imported or produced and list it in a one of this group.
For us "common arms" are all the pistol with standard sight used for self defence, the sport are fron .22 to all, is enought the importer or producer ask to commission to set like sport arms, so you can have a uberti colt '73 common and a uberti '73 sport changing only a screw!
The lucky thing is that all military rifle bolt action and many semiauto like ar15 zastava m76, ak 47, dragunov ecc are hunting rifle, is request only the shell longer 40mm and/or the caliber bigger than 5,56mm
Only caliber forbidden to civilian is .50BMG and 9mm luger parabellum
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