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Hello all
Yes, you are true, in France the law put down 12 at 6 handguns under license. There is a class system, first class at the third includes weapons of war (Colt M1911, P08 luger ...) and accessories (bayonets, grenades, gas masks ...), the 4th is weapon Poingt defense (Colt 357, S & W Cal 44), the fifth hunting weapon, the 6th & 7th are the weapons of leisure and knives, the 8th are the ancient arms (anterior to the system 1875, as black powder). The SAA 1883 is in 4th class. The 6th, 7th and 8th are freely available.
Then it's a serious problem because many weapons are not declared from the time it is forbidden to keep more than 6. But Black Powder are in free sell without authorization. in this condition, the market isn't closed is and you could have 50 BP.


Thx a lot, and i just found the manufacturer of the revolver, with the logo as double barel shot gun; That is :
Mavi di Salvinelli IT MVI maybe bought by ASM at the start of 1970.

DOM, yes, on the web i found DORMAN as automtiv parts, but i found it also on But i will continue to search to be sure that or not.

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