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2nd Request For Info On This Dealer

Still looking for anyone who's had any dealings with West Coast Machineguns in Cottage Grove, Oregon. Surely there're some people on this forum who've done business there. I'd really like your take on your experience(s).

For info, I've recently purchased (and received) a Gemtech Blackside suppressor, in .45 ACP, from this outfit. The deal and transfer went smoothly. Problem arose, however, when I dropped off a Marlin Camp Carbine for muzzle threading/sight relocation to accept this suppressor. A promised turnaround of two weeks has turned into three months, with the proprietor failing to respond to numerous email and phone requests for information on the project. Three separate visits to the shop, on different days at different times, have found the lights on, someone inside, door locked and no response to repeated knocking.

Yesterday, on a fourth unsuccessful visit (a 175 mile round-trip!) I checked in with the city police department and learned that mine was the 4th or 5th "complaint" in the past two weeks, mostly from people with guns inside who couldn't reclaim them. According to the P.D., ATF has now gotten involved.

Not trying to badmouth a dealer here...I've held an FFL myself since 1969 and know the hassles involved. There does seem, however, to be something unsavory brewing here that those involved in NFA transactions in this area should be made aware of.

----Mac Scott
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