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hi all
BPrevovler this is what i found :

hotgun was distrubuted by Excam Importers located in Hialeah, Florida. They have been out of buisness since around 1990. The owner was Tom Excam who built up the buisness importing and distributing mostly low quality inexpensive firearms. The only thing that I can tell you about your gun is that it is made in Italy by Faush Stefano but nothing else, I checked all my references and nothing on it came up

Read more:

Previous importer and distributor located in Hialeah, FL, which went out of business late 1990. Excam distributed Dart, Erma, Tanarmi, Targa, and Warrior exclusively in the U.S. These trademarks will appear under Excam only in this book. All importation of Excam firearms ceased in 1990.
All Targa and Tanarmi pistols were manufactured in Gardone V.T., Italy. All Erma and Warrior pistols and rifles were manufactured in W. Germany. Senator O/U shotguns were manufactured by A. Zoli located in Brescia, Italy.

Eig Cutlery US EIG Importer of weapons mfd. in
Italy, Japan, Spain, and
EIG Importers of small pistols and revolvers in Miami, Florida, c. 1967

All three companies make the Titan. An F for “fire” for the safety switch appears near the end of the serial number. The F is not a part of the serial number, much like S for “safety” on various pistols (including BROWNING [BRO] and BAUER [BAU]) is not a part of the serial number.

voir pages 19 et 20 :
Pistolet TITAN CA. 22 short avec le logo EIG en coeur de cible
Derringer EIG

Firearms Import & Export manufactures a 2-shot, .38-caliber derringer model D38 that typically has a serial number on the side of the frame and another on the bottom of the barrel. They are often miscoded as DER or DEH because the FIE is not easily read. 19

page 21 :
EIG makes a four-shot, 22-caliber derringer. It is frequently miscoded as STD because “Use std (standard) vel. ctg.” appears on the barrel. The proper type code on this gun is PX.

COM : Contrini Officine Meccaniche di Contrini Giovanni, Gardone VT, via XXIV aprile
Contrini Giovanni Gardone VT 1973


May be that's Cominazzo ( not the gunsmithing of XVIIème ) but, two of his little, little,little ..... sons : O. & M. Cominazzo. I have no idea of the son's nick name O & M.

DOM : I have nothing, but if someone have a pic, please, post it.
But my search found this : DOM = DORMAN
or Domino Italia.

2 elongaced diamonds:
Mofra (Mononi Gino)-----------None
MOFRA di Mainardi A.----------Brescia 1971
MOFRA This has been found on Patersons sold by Replica Arms. Two longcated Diamonds with side points touching. Also found on Replica Arms.
MOFRA was bought by Euromanufacture around 1980.

Hubertus : Manufacturer of barrel as Neumann, Orion or Hege.
HUBERTUS Tradename of Inman, Meffert Gewehrfabrik, Suhl, ms, Germany on sporting arms.
Hubertus EM HUB

Now, i need help to find this manufacturer :
I saw it on 1851 (1971) with Neumann logo and german proof marks, with "made in Italy" stamp on the barel :

The proof house is the city called ULM
Eagle with L means the standard test able to fire with non solid bullet
But, over the gripps, the logo with IAF and a view of two barel's shotgun.
Is any one saw this logo or manufacturer ?
Thanks a lot
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