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Ezell v. Chicago (SAF/Gura)

In case everyone missed it, there are happenings in the SAF/Gura case, Ezell v. Chicago (Alan Gura's challenge to the Chicago gun range ban).

Gura attempted to get a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Chicago from implimenting any law or rule against banning gun ranges. The original motion is here and was filed on Aug. 22. Chicago's response is here.

The morning of Aug 23, the court heard arguments on the TRO. Part 1 is here. Part 2, in the afternoon is here. The decision was against Gura and was announced here, on August 24th.

While Gura did not get the TRO, the Judge "denied without prejudice for the reasons stated on the record in open court." The Judge also moved up the hearing scheduled on the Preliminary Injunction, despite the almost violent objections from Chicago.

I didn't comment upon this earlier (and yes, that means I've already read the above), because of certain factions, here at TFL, that would jump upon this as a vehicle to rant against the NRA. I caution everyone, not to go there, as that is not what this case is about.

Yesterday (Sep. 13th), Gura has filed a new TRO. Read it here.

Because of the Judges remarks in the previous denial, I rather expect this time to go in Gura's favor. I expect a decision by Friday, at the latest.
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