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Is a DPMS worth the money? Using objective criteria, in my opinion, no. I would rather put up the money to buy a rifle that has more of the quality control that is found in a Colt, Daniel Defense or BCM.

If, however, I could have no AR at all or an AR that cost what a DPMS can be had for, then I guess I would rather have a DPMS than nothing.

The gun store guy putting DPMS and Daniel Defense in the same league was out of his mind. Either he figured he had a sucker who would pay as much for either gun when they are demonstrably in different quality categories or he had no clue and was just running his mouth anyway.

Unless your AR budget is capped well below $1,000, I would recommend that you put more money into the gun up front and get an AR that will not only feed round #1 but round #5,000 without a lot of parts replacement.
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