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I sold a stone to Jestergrin_1 on another forum. He claimed that the stone was broken when arrived, and immediately demanded a refund.

I did not claim I proved and even posted pictures of said broken stone as well as sent them to Riverwalker76 in an e mail as requested.

On top of that. In refusing to send the stone back to me for a refund ... he demanded I send him ANOTHER stone! You decide ... who's right in this situation?

Yes I sent you $15.oo for a Sharpening stone but all I got was a broken stone with no flat sides on it. So why would I spend $10.oo to get back $10.oo for pieces of Rock.

And by the way I do have the pm's saved that I can copy and paste here where you said you would replace the rock. And I can also have the Administrator let people know that you also informed him that you would send out a replacement rock.

And that is funny as all get out saying JesterGrin_1 is BAD lol that killed me I paid you honest funds and got rubble and I am BAD lol. Oh my gosh glad to see a reverse sense of humor lol.
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