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The sale was legal to do regardless of the gun show rule.
If Mr. Copeland was a private seller selling out of his own collection it was legal. If he was engaged in the business of selling firearms without a license, then it was not legal.

However, my main point was that violating the gun show rule didn't help his case at all.

All parties to the crime should be prosecuted, not those who are merely selected for prosecution.
Realistically, prosecutors have to make deals with criminals in order to secure convictions some times. That is an aspect that has been a part of pretty much every legal system men have developed.

I am curious why Mr. Huerta wasn't prosecuted in this case. It doesn't appear his testimony was necessary to this case since an undercover ATF agent witnessed the whole transaction and he gave his testimony to ATF agents voluntarily before any indictment or arrest was made. On the flip side though, I would prefer prosecutors exercise their discretion and pursue violent criminals rather than ruthlessly prosecute every person who runs afoul of our plethora of laws. Not knowing the facts that led to the decision, I can't really give an informed opinion of whether I'd have agreed with the prosecutor's decision here.
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