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What Fruit Best For Testing

I can't find good, normal guy, info on penetration and over penetration of different handgun rounds, even rifle rounds. So I am going to do some tests myself, good reason to get some new guns :-)

I want to shoot some type of media, I am thinking fruit as it is easy to get and transport, I can't use ballistics gel, and I think that a Boxing Dummy would be too dense. I was thinking the water in the fruit would facilitate the hydro shock good enough for my tests. If you feel otherwise please tell me.

I have searched, if you know of a topic here i should use just let me know. Anyway, I want to put the round through the media with two standard walls behind it, sheet rock, studs, second with insulation. I hope to find the round that will best penetrate the media and then stop without over penetration.

I will post my results when i get to the fun part as for now, any ideas on the media to use, watermelon, pineapple, pumpkin?
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