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[I have no idea what would be wrong with these guns. Does not seem to be much out there to review. Looking at the gun, it looks good, but makes me question why the value is what it is. Looking at comparable Italian guns, they look the same, but sell for 3 times what this is]

The reason is that many "Mediterranean" (Italian/Spanish/etc) guns of the same vintage, Zoli's included, have turned out to have been made with less quality than was apparent upon purchase.

They looked good, but have soft underbelly's in the form of accelerated internal wear due to inadequate metals used and inproper or no hardening.

While they are certainly adequate for the casual hunter/shooter, they decidedly won't stand the gaff for anything more strenuous, like clays, skeet, whatever.

In their day, they were basically entry-level guns, made to a price point - but made as attractively as possible within those parameters, to sell.

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