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Hey, thanks haha. Havent bought it yet, but my choices are narrowed down to DD. I could pay more for a different name, but they seem to be the best at a reasonable price. The fact that they carry them in store is a bonus. The shop around the corner only carries RRA, why? I couldnt tell you.

I think that buying the M16 BCG was a really good idea. I dont think many people outside the military really understand the punishment a service rifle goes through while still being functional. The absolute worst are the bootcamp issue M16A2s... Have you ever seen a DI straight launch an M16 at a wall? I have haha. It still worked fine at the range. Those M16 have got to be the most abused rifles anywhere and for the most part they go bang every time.

So, for $200-300 more why the heck not get an AR made to the governments specifications? From what I've been able to read, seperate out of all the BS, and have heard from smiths and armorers around here, DD does what Colt, LMT, and the other high end manufacturers do at a slightly lower price. CHF barrels, forged uppers and lowers, chrome lined bores and barrels all make a difference when we enter the relm of serious shooting. Longevity is increased, and by my limited knowledge of economics that means finacially responsible in the long term. If a DPMS barrel needs to be replaced after one year of firing 10,000rds you basically just spent what you would have on a DD.

Hey, I'm no expert here. Just a guy who likes to research to death anything and everything that makes me part with my hard earned green backs. I dont have deep pockets. I'll probably never be a gun smith or armorer. Probably wont ever own more than one AR at a time. I'll probably always buy complete rifles and not kits, and I will definitely always take my rifles to a professional for work. I will treat my AR very well, but I will also most certainly run it hard. Based on all this my conclusion has been DD.
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