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James K
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There are a lot of weird and wonderful stories around, some, well, dubious.

For many years there was a story in this area that thousands of German rifles and machineguns were buried in a dump near the site of a WWII POW camp for captured German soldiers.

According to the story, the weapons were taken from the Germans before they were confined to the camp. When I first heard the story, I asked the man telling it whether it seemed a bit odd. He said it was a common tale and that he had heard it from his father who had seen the Germans throwing their guns into the pit.

OK, I said, so they captured the Germans in Germany or France, trucked them to the port, put them on a ship, brought them to Baltimore, got them off the ship, put them on a train to the local station, marched them out to the camp and THEN disarmed them? He had to admit that it sounded unlikely but still insisted his father had seen Germans tossing away their guns.

I had visions of a regiment of Panzer Grenadiers marching through our downtown streets in full battle gear, with all their weapons and combat ammo loads, while the regimental band played "Die Wacht am Rhein." Maybe the spectators were waving little Nazi flags, just to make "die Soldaten" feel at home.


P.S. They put in a housing development in that area a couple of years ago and dug dozens of foundations - no guns turned up.

Jim K
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