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Orionengnr nailed it. I'm always blown away by how quickly and carelessly people will adopt "chemical solutions" to a variety of problems in life. I'm not an engineer, but I did study enough chemistry in college to know not to go around applying reactive, corrosive chemicals to other materials without doing a great deal of investigation beforehand.

Chlorine compounds promote a phenomenon called stress corrosion cracking in certain kinds of steel. (This is one reason that, out of an abundance of caution, you'll not find Eezox within 100 yards of any gun I own.)

The chemical environment that causes SCC for a given alloy is often one which is only mildly corrosive to the metal otherwise. Hence, metal parts with severe SCC can appear bright and shiny, while being filled with microscopic cracks.
Just because something looks fine to the naked eye doesn't mean you haven't royally screwed it up on a microscopic level.
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