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I just discovered steel challenge and it's a hoot,,,

Centerfire pistol or revolver competition shooting.

They also have a .22 rimfire division,,,
It doesn't cost a fortune to gear up and compete,,,
I would say half of the people I met were shooting 3-400 dollar Rugers.

I have a blast with and am not embarrassed shooting a Basic Ruger 22/45,,,
You will need several (5 is recommended) magazines,,,
You shoot each stage 5 times (they call it 5 strings),,,
You add the time for the best 4 strings,,,
That's your score for that stage

Each set of targets is a "stage",,,
All of the stages are standardized,,,
The place I go to has 6-8 stages per match.

Basically, you stand in a square,,,
You shoot 5-6 targets from about 15 to 25 yards,,,
You are timed and that (plus time for misses) is your score.

BTW, be prepared to be humiliated by 11 and 12 year old girls,,,
There are two sisters (11 & 13 I think) who I want on my side in a gunfight.

Here is their website.

This is from their website:
Steel Challenge scoring is simple: your time is your score. There are five targets, commonly referred to as plates. Four are primary plates, and the fifth is designated as the stop plate. Each of the primary targets must be hit at least once during each string of fire, followed by the stop plate, which must be hit last to stop the time. Competitors may fire as many rounds as they deem necessary for each string of fire. The best four out of five strings will be counted as the total score for each stage, except for Outer Limits, which will be the best three out of four runs. Total score for all stages will determine the order of finish for final standings.
Oops! Sorry man,,,
After I typed all this I noticed you specifically said AR competition.

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