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Remington Customer Service

I thought I would share my recent experience in dealing with a defective Remington 1911 R1 that I purchased. On July 10, 2010 I picked the pistol up and brought it home, where upon disassembly and closer inspection I noticed the frame was cracked or had a severe casting flaw. Since this was a Saturday, I called Remington the following Monday and was told to email a couple pictures. In the email I left my name, address, phone number and asked them to contact me when they received the pictures. I heard nothing back.

I waited a couple days, called, and sent the same email with pictures. A couple days went by and I heard nothing back, called again and sent smaller pictures, thinking maybe they were too big, I heard nothing back. Finally, at the end of the second week of this process, I got ahold of someone who I thought understood my problem. He said he would mail out a UPS mailer for me to return the pistol. The mailer took a week to get to me and was nothing more than a Tyvek envelope with absolutely no instructions on how to pack or ship, so I sent the whole thing, case and all.

So after calling 10 times, emailing 3 sets of pictures, and leaving 2 voicemails, I sent the pistol off at the start of the 4th week. Included with the pistol was a letter I typed explaining the problem area, all my info, and the desire to be informed of the guns reception and/or to be called with any questions they had. I heard nothing back. On the Friday of that 4th week I called to check any progress they had made and was suprised to hear that they had shipped it already and that I would be getting it that day. Luckily I was home to sign for it and once I unwrapped it, I was dismayed to find the gun in the same exact condition it was in before I sent it. For the life of me, I don't know what they did. On the repair ticket it said: NO FAULT FOUND AT BENCH, and under comments it said: Appears that frame has a small scratch. Refinish and test.

Like I said, I really don't know what they did as the gun was never fired and there were no other scratches anywhere that I saw, other than the original crack or casting flaw that was left untouched. I immediately called Remington and explained my frustration and was told all they could do was to mail out another return UPS mailer. I called back after thinking that over and asked to speak to a Supervisor, I was transferred and of course got his voicemail. The Supervisor did call back within a couple hours and asked that I send him the original pictures which I did. It took a couple days of reviewing before I was told to return the pistol once again. Another week went by before the 2nd mailer arrived. So I sent it off again and it was at the end of the 1st week in Sept. before I finally got anything back. Remington did send a brand new pistol this time.

Looking back, approximatley 8 weeks went by, which in my opinion, could have been resolved in 2-3 weeks. I can understand mailing times. I can understand that not all guns are perfect. What frustrated me the most was the lack of communication, and the fact that I had to initiate every response or action, and of course that the pistol wasn't replaced the first time I sent it in. I do want to say that every person I talked to was very professional. I have never received anything regarding an apology or an explanation of anything, which compared to the letters and explanations that I have received from other gun companies, leaves me feeling like Remington could do better in regards to customer relations. Maybe I'm asking too much, but from a company such as Remington, I did expect it.
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