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GP, those bullets sure look purtty with that bright red lube in 'em. If it wasn't such a hassle to switch lube in a 450 Lyman, I think I would like to try some carnuba red.

Hardcase, I'm using 50-50 alox also. The reason I use it is, it flows well at room temp, and it works! Okay that's two reasons. It's what I've used since I started casting 40+ years ago. Like GP said, you have to keep the pressure down in the lube chamber. Also air pockets will give you fits. Also, keep the pressure on the bullet once it's down in the die. As GP said, if you let off the down pressure, the lube will sneak under the bullet. Fine adjustment of the threaded sleeve will move that junction of the bullet and the top of the punch out of line with the holes in the die There's one spot where all the lube grooves are filled, the lube doesn't go over the top driving band, AND it doesn't sneak under the bullet. Ya just have to experiment till you find it.
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