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Gotta ask !

Hardcase what nose punch are ya using ?

For individual designs there`s a nose punch that goes into the ram held in place with a set screw .

Take it out & on the end of the stem is a number.

The 1 in the ram is a 495 & a 358 H&I die, the 495 works on most swc & rnfp profile bullets.

Now in this pic I have the nut on the bottom so i can use the gas check seater , & even with it on the bottom I still have a bit of play room , ya can`t seeit but there a couple of treads left .

I start with the bullet HI & adjust down until I get good fill of the grooves, always holdin down pressure on the handle to prevent the lube pressure from gettin under the bullets base.

Always just enuff pressure to fill the groove ,if ya gotta crank some torque on the screw ya need a little heat to loosen up the lube , then ya can back off the torque & when ya got it goin 1 click of the ratchet handle gets me 2 bullets lubed then another click .

If ya get to much heat then ya get lube comin from everywhere , let er kool a bit , it`s like shootin , practice ,practice ,then practice again !!

But when ya learn the needs of the lube to flow the rest is history .

Hope this helps even if a little !!!

PS :I just reread ya post , your using ALOX ,I remember it being hard to control, squirtin out everwhere !!!

Go here: & get ya some carnauba red , if ya don`t like it I`ll buy it from ya !!!!


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