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If the Constitution can set arbitrary age limits on the Presidency, the Senate and the House, it can also set the age of majority (a term of art meaning adulthood). Laws must then abide by those Constitutional limitations.
Then at least make it consistent. Either have the age be 21 or 18 across the board.

One might take the road that 18 years are not responsible. Evidence shows not full developed front cortices that inhibit risky behavior. That we let them have guns in the military is ok because they are tightly supervised.
Yet we let them own shotguns and rifles at 18 and drive at 16 in many places.

Drinking? Sorry, there is no right to drink alcoholic beverages. Even the passage of the 18th amendment, the Congress did not claim or state that drinking alcohol was a right.
Congress has never claimed or stated that bring allowed to own a computer and radio is a right either, what's your point?

Congress has no right to restrict that activity. The federal government is supposed to only have the enumerated powers delegated to it in the constitution. (yea yea, I know they don't follow it.) Any powers not delegated to the federal government are left to the states. Every part of alcohol regulation is left to the states except for the drinking age which the government implicitly admits that it has no right to regulate because it has to do it via tying it to highway funding.
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