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You state there is no crane, therefore you remove the cylinder to reload?
Yes, and I count 7 (seven), as in 8 minus 1 = 7 holes in the cylinder, not counting the center one for the pin.....

I googled "H&R .22 revolver Hunter Model" and mine looks nothing like what came up......

...other features- front sight blade is not a half moon- it is convex on the front, flat on top, and concave on the back, like an elongated shark fin.

-rear sight is a notch in a hump at the top rear corner of the frame

-the whole scale of this gun is tiny, except for the trigger and trigger guard(which take up nearly the entire lenght of the frame). Seriously, it looks like a toy gun.

- it is made of steel, and has a little bluing leftin protected areas.

-grips are walnut

I'll try to have my daughter figure out how to post a pic.....
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