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Make a note to NOT allow the guy in the sport shop to make your travel arrangements - he can't tell Russia from Italy.

The rifle is an Italian Mannlicher-Carcano with a U.S. made sporting stock. I can't tell the exact model of Carcano from those pictures, but in any case it has little collector value in its current condition. If it has not been altered, it is probably chambered for the 6.5x52 Italian Carcano cartridge, but could be one of those made for the 7.35mm. 6.5 ammunition is fairly easy to get; 7.35 is almost unavailable. In any case, to use the rifle, a clip (6 round) is needed; like the U.S. M1 (Garand) rifle, the clip enters the action and the rifle won't work as a repeater without it. When the clip is empty, it drops out the hole in the bottom of the magazine.

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