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The 1st Variation H&R HUNTER (circa 1926-29) was derived from the H&R Model 1906... Value for one in V.G. to EXC. condition will range up to and over $400- they are collectible.
The 2nd Variation HUNTER (circa 1929-40) was derived from the larger framed Model 922... has sold for over $400 in Excellent condition.
Yes, but I'd argue two points:

1) Any collectible value this gun once had was ruined when the barrel was cut.

2) Regarding the value, this gun is like an old DA S&W top-break; oodles of them were sold but most were treated as tools, making high-condition guns very rare, and only the high-condition specimens have any real value.
You state there is no crane, therefore you remove the cylinder to reload? If it had a crane I would tend to agree with some of the others that it's an H&R.
I've handled a really old H&R that lacked a crane and the entire cylinder was removed to reload. The seller didn't know exactly what it was, but after reading 32 Magnum's post and looking up pictures, I believe it was a Model 1906. I was unaware that there were two versions of the Hunter Model, as all of the examples I've seen were the 9-shot 922-derived versions.
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