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The 1st Variation H&R HUNTER (circa 1926-29) was derived from the H&R Model 1906, small frame, 7 shot .22 rimfire (initially short & long) and had a 10" octagonal barrel, although I have one with a round barrel. The TRAPPER model was the same lineage but with a 6" barrel. Both were issued with checkered walnut grips and in blue only. Value for one in V.G. to EXC. condition will range up to and over $400- they are collectible.
The 2nd Variation HUNTER (circa 1929-40) was derived from the larger framed Model 922, which derived from the H&R Model 1904. It also had a 10" round barrel, but was chambered for 9 rounds of .22 rimfire. This variation is scarcer than the 1st Var. and has sold for over $400 in Excellent condition.

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