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Are you sure about the cylinder capacity? I'm pretty sure you have an H&R Hunter Model, but I believe they're 9-shot like most other older H&R .22 DA/SA revolvers. IIRC this model was made from the late 20s until the start of WWII.

I've never seen one with a barrel that short; all the Hunter Models I've seen had somewhat ridiculously long 8"-10" barrels (I'm not sure of the exact length). OTOH the gun probably had the barrel cut, which was commonplace in the early 20th century because many people associated CCW with criminal behavior at the time, making it socially unacceptable for retailers in some areas to sell short-barreled handguns. (FWIW most of the recently-repealed laws prohibiting CCW date from this time period.) Hence, if one wanted a snubby in the 40s or 50s and couldn't afford a new Colt or S&W, a popular option was to get a cheap gun such as a rimfire H&R and cut the barrel.

H&R .22 revolvers were low-priced when they were new and their value has remained low due to their high production figures and somewhat crude build quality. IIRC the cylinder pawls and hands on these guns tend to wear out if the gun was frequently fired DA, and good parts aren't easy to come by. Honestly, if I were you, I would make the gun into a wallhanger.
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