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If i remember correctly and the stuff i learn on school are true, UN are not made to "enforce" anything.
Like with the "Human Rights", they say that some countries violate them, others don't recognize them, but they are not actually enforcing them.

Actually, enforcing anything by violence is against the UN itself i believe...

And even in small parts of the world like Kossovo, a multi-national peace-keeping force had to be assembled. These troops as i know, because we took part in many peace-keeping missions, are not UN Troops, but troops from the armies of the Countries taking part.

As said above, even if UN wanted to enforce something, that cant be done without the US Marines and US Navy. At least.
And to be honest i believe the UN exist because of United States. The way i see it, China or Russia would not be interested much in supporting UN (from the superpowers) but United Sates and EU do support UN.

So, if UN suggest to United States to re-make their Constitution according to the model they will create, that would not only confirm many conspiracy theories, but would also be ridiculous.

UN has to know that in United States the existence of freedom requires for citizens to bear guns to protect it in the form of a Militia (With the American meaning of the term). Without the right to bear arms, there is no freedom and there are no United States.
If i got it right, each US Citizen has to be in readiness like the Minutemen, and he also has to be a watchman over the government (and society), exactly because the government has power from the people that elects it.

Also, there is an other thin that troubles me. What would the US Citizens, Military Men AND Police Officers would do in the case that something against the Second Amendment is passed?
You would do like us and and support the government to take the power and freedom of the people, or you will stand for United States, the Constitution and the people?

That would be an interesting question to ask to ourself, yes i mean everyone, not only Americans, because even here and in all the Europe there are anti-gun law proposals being made and having lived in country that doesn't allow any right to self-defense, i can tell you that sucks.
So, don't be like us!
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