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I just posted this on another thread asking about Zoli:


[QUOTE]This from another forum's older thread, but it might help on the Zoli question:

the 25th Edition of the Blue Book does list a Silver Snipe under Angelo Z. However, I don't see one listed under Antonio Z. There is a Golden Snipe under Antonio.
According to the BB, the Angelo Z Silver Snipe was discontinued in 1987, and the bank didn't take over until 1989.
Hey Guys- Antonio Zoli has been in business since the mid-1800's and now has a permanent presence in North America. Our website is Parts and service for all current models including Z Gun, Dakota,Verona, Sig SA3 and Ritmos can be found at Cole Gunsmithing (207-833-5027). Parts are not available for most models from the 50's,60's and 70's. Gunter Pfrommer (540-484-5555) will make parts for these models if you are patient.
I know little of the Angelo Zoli guns except for what I have learned while in Italy, where they were considered to be low cost production guns.The guns had many problems and caused the company to fail.
Antonio Zoli srl manufactured guns for Ambercrombie and Fitch, Holland and Holland, Beretta,Sig, Kreighoff,etc. as well their own models.
Paolo Zoli, grandson of Antonio Zoli, now runs the company with Zoli family members as well as many generations of Zoli gunsmiths.The new models reflect his desire to produce high quality guns to compete with the best on the market.Steve
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