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I use a home made rest for load development. You do need to find the load that is going to work the best in your gun. If you ar thinking of long range comp as i am,yes they do use rest's no vises though. It does you no good to have a load that will not shoot accurate, rest or no rest. A rest is the one most important tools in load deveopment. With out it---Is it the Bullet? is it the load?? Is it the gun?? is it me??..See what i mean.. Once you find that sweet spot as it's called then you have narrowed it down to you. Long range comp shooters use sandbags,rests,or bipods. To think some one can hold a gun still enough to shoot at say 800 yards and match bullet hole is insane. I have recently gotten in to the extreame long range shooting(500 to 1000) yards. It is a blast and extreamly difficult to do.To shoot 100 or 300 yards is par for the course(takes alot of talant) but to shoot at 500 to 1000 is mind boggeling and a learning expirence.Put away all things you know about shooting 100 yards and welcome to wind,bullet coeificency(sp), and breathing. I hear lots of people saying i have 1 inch groups and 100 yards,that is ok for deer hunting and stuff,but to take a prairie dog 500 to 1000 yards is a whole different game. A 1 inch group at 100 yards is a 4 foot miss at 1000 yards. It all depends on what ya want to do and how well you want to do it. Use the rest,fnd the load then practice free hand with it.Why make it harder than it needs to be.

Just my 2 cents

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