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It was a 3 inch barrel, i could shoot it as accurate as the glock 19, which i was also shooting.
I also have the 3" GP-100. I like it, but I do shoot my Glock M23 better. The GP-100 is my "house gun". Enjoy yourself. You have a lot of time to develop shooting skills and move up in power level from the 357 mag when you are ready. What you will probably find out is that you really like the 41 mag.

The 41 or 44 is about all the power I can reasonably handle for fun shooting. I hunt with a Ruger Super Redhawk in 480 ruger. Tried the 500 and liked it, but ammo is way too expensive to shoot it with any frequency. Never shot a 460 S&W. That day will come, but I am pretty content with the 480 when I want a big boomer. I see little need to go higher unless it is a revolver in 475 Linebaugh in which I can still shoot the 480 Rugers in. Neither are ***** cats to shoot.

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