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You don't seem like the kind.......

........of person that's cut out for the .45 Colt. There's not much comparable between the .357 and the .45 Colt. The .45 is a lot bigger hammer. Most shooters would be better off with a .357 or even a .44 Magnum. The folks that primarily shoot .45 Colt are kind of like a cult. They generally reload, shoot their guns a lot, maybe even cast their own bullets and use more than a few different powders. Also, they/we tinker with our guns, ream the cylinder throats and forcing cones and such. If your not hopelessly experimental don't get a .45 Colt. It's just not for everyone. It's for those of us that it's for. Someone once said that the .45 Colt is a connoisseur's cartridge. It may sound eliteist but thats how it is. Being a .45 Colt guy, I don't need or own a .357 or a .44 and maybe never will. And yet I heartily recommend either one as a better choice for most shooters. For the rest of us, the .45 Colt is the cat's meow.
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