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Hello I would like to know the year of manufacture of a S&W model 1950 SN1466**
There should be a "S" prefix with that SN, it may be a few spaces ahead of the numbers. Serial numbers ran from S140000 in 1955 to S149999 in 1956.

I have an old .38 special Smith and Wesson revolver, with a swing out cylinder, 6 shot, fixed sights, 5" barrel, bearing serial number 377xxx.
You have a .38 Military & Police 4th Change. Serial numbers ran from 241704 in 1915 to 999999 in 1942.
It would likely date to the 1920's. A letter from the S&W historian would show the date shipped. Yours was after S&W started heat treating so it be okay to shoot standard/modern .38 special ammo in it, no +P.
Value in the condition you described would be low so there would be no real loss refinishing/fixing it up.


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