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Caution about dealing with Tyler Manufacturing (T-grips, Trigger Shoes)

So May 05 I ordered a T-grip for my j frame. To make a long story short they were sending it to the wrong address and it was getting sent back to them. They didnt make the connection and were telling me the whole time it hadn't been shipped yet and never was. Finally I asked them what they had down for my address and sure enough it was wrong. Well thats fine but that was a month ago we sorted that out. Was assured right when they found out the mistake that he would make me one special that night and ship it out in the morning. Well I let a week go by still nothing. Call back the next week and im told that hell ship me one priority mail and I should have it in the next 2 days. Full week goes by and still nothing. Call back and im told that he has Brushed number 1 t grips for j frames on hand ready to ship and hell ship it priority mail. Well this week has gone by and still nothing. Just called back and the woman on the other line said all she can do is refund my money. When I reply I dont want a refund I want my t grip I ordered she replied, "sorry there is nothing I can do". The best I got was "Ill leave you a message for Brian". I dont care how good their product is, it's the last T-Grip ill ever buy. Just a fair warning to anyone looking to do business with them, I would steer clear and look for an alternative for grips.
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