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And for #3, an Outdoorsman isn't eligible for the Centerfire stage because it's 22lr - the revolver you're referring to is the predecessor of the Model 17?
No, I believe my Outdoorsman is the predecessor of the Model 20 or 23- it's a .38SPL.

On the revolver- it says the trigger pull has to be 2.5lb pull... That's not counting the single action pull is it? That may/will knock my Outdoorsman out of the ballgame.

I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday. Never show up to a match hungry! I was shaking like a dog trying to pass a peach pit! Also, I have determined beyond a shadow of a doubt that there WILL be a S&W Model 41 in my future. I thought that as a beginner in that discipline that my old Buck Mark Camper would get me by for a year or so. Nope. Now if it had a longer sight radius- that might be one thing. But that 5.5" barrel and short radius is nowhere as easy for me to contend with as a 7". I wish I could stay with Browning if nothing more than name brand loyalty, but I guess there are just times when a guy has to look past that.

Does anyone know if the new 41 Classics are anywhere near the same quality as the older models?
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