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#1 may refer to your score card for the match - you have to sign it and turn it in at the end of the match. You'll be issued one at the beginning of the match.

And for #3, an Outdoorsman isn't eligible for the Centerfire stage because it's 22lr - the revolver you're referring to is the predecessor of the Model 17?

You'll need at least a 32 for centerfire IIRC. Most people just use their 45. But match directors will usually let you shoot all of the stages using a 22lr, and only count the 22 stage for record.

Re: Vintage guns

You'll see some classic revolvers at Distinguished Revolver matches - lots of Model 14's and Colt OMM's, even Officers Model Specials.

I'm not sufficiently familiar w/ the 1917 to comment on its accuracy, but there have been some very successful revolver shooters in BE, such as Harry Reeves, and Babe Magnan. Revolvers can definitely compete for accuracy, but they're harder for most people to shoot well.
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