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I'd really like to try it myself... been many years now, but my buddys & I used to get together & shoot at a couple home made dualing trees ( similar to what was used on Top Shot )... I almost wrecked my Ruger Gov. Target Model ( full bull ) as there were 4 of us shooting, & one weekend I put over 1000 rounds down the pipe, & didn't clean the gun... being a new shooter, & shooting so much, I was dumb, I was just shooting cheap Remington Thunder Bolt ammo... I noticed that 3/4 of the way through the 2nd day, my accuracy started going... after we were finished, I stuck a bore brush 1/2 way down the pipe... I had to pound it out there was SO much lead in the barrel... I highly recommend using copper washed bulk bullets if you are going to shoot 1000's of rounds...

this has got me thinking again... I need to have my welder make me up a couple new dueling trees
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