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You have a good memory Mr Borland,,,

I do have a Model 18 but it's only a six-shooter,,,
Most stages that would allow me one miss.

I also have a Taurus 990 Tracker .22 revolver,,,
It's a 9-shooter so might be a bit better.

But I think for a while I'll play with my 22/45,,,
I bought it because it felt so good in my hand when I held it,,,
Now I'm no Annie Oakley but I do seem to hit fairly well with that gun.

I also have my newest toy I want to practice with,,,
Last month I bought a new CZ-75B Kadet in .22,,,
It's a very nice pistol and I want to use it some.

I only have 2 magazines for it though,,,
I'm having trouble locating any more to purchase,,,
Everyone I saw and spoke with said 5 mags is the minimum.

But look at me talking like I know something,,,
I've only watched one match and I'm an expert on it.

At the match I attended there was not anyone shooting a revolver,,,
There were a lot of folk (15-20) shooting centerfire,,,
And about the same number shooting rimfire,,,
But they were all semi-auto's.

Lots of Rugers and a few Buckmarks,,,
One young lady was going crazy with a Beretta NEOS,,,
But the best thing I noticed was that everyone was having lots of fun.

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