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Hello Redhawk,,,

Fortunately for me I make all my own leather gear,,,
So that won't be too much of an expense.

I did order three more mags for my Ruger 22/45,,,
I have the basic slab-side model so there is no accessorizing it,,,
I didn't do too badly with that gun so I think it's the one I'll practice with.

7 shots was the max it took me to hit 5 targets,,,
but I was shooting reeeeeeeeeeeal slow.

I went to Lowes and bought about $25.00 of PVC pipe,,,
It took about 2 hours and I have 5 target stands,,,
They will hold 10" paper plates nicely.

I went to the steel challenge website and downloaded the stage diagrams,,,
I'll go out this weekend and play with them at my range,,,
Not exactly the same as using steel targets,,,
But close enough for practice & fun.

I think I've found my game.

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