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Question: birchwood casey lead remover cloth

Hey all,

In summary: Are there abrasives inside/embedded?

I just used the Lead Remover and Polishing cloth on a stainless cylinder. The face looks shiny. Really shiny. And the front edges of the cylinder look much shinier than I remember - not so much the matte/glossy textured look anymore but reflective, like how you can tell when a section of a knife blade has a nick/or is dull. The package says "Lead Remover & Polishing Cloth" so that has me curious : In order to polish, are there abrasive compounds in this product? - or was that all just in my head?

Anyone know?

And as a side question - How does this thing work? I know strong acids can dissolve rust, and I just used this with my bare hands. But I don't think it works by acid... or at least I certainly hope not.

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