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Question on Bullseye Rules

Just getting into this (didn't take long to get hooked!) and was wondering about a couple of things.

1. The rules say I am responsible for my scorebook. Where do I get one?

2. I am FT Police- it says I have to tell them, but it's just me that shoots with this group. How are they going to put me on a Police Team?

3. I am shooting only .22 so far, but may be geared up well enough to try my hand at center fire and .45ACP. My Centerfire pistol is a 1933/34 S&W Outdoorsman 6 1/2" with the Call front sight. Is that authorized until I can get a semi-auto?

4. Does my .45 have to be a 1911, or can I use my 1917 or 25-3 revolvers?

I know, I'm way behind the curve- but at least my .22 was made during my lifetime. Any ideas?
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